From Isidore Guérin to sr Marie of the Eucharist - July 9, 1897.

From Isidore Guérin to sr Marie of the Eucharist - July 9, 1897.

Dear little Marie

I hadn’t yet put my letter in the post when we received yours. We were sorry and yet this sad turn of events is the dawn of a triumph. We admire our dear patient’s serenity and we are infinitely touched by the motherly care that surrounds her. Oh – if only you knew how grateful we are to the dear Mother (Mother Marie de Gozague). I gave the letter from Marie of the S. H. to Léonie two hours after yours. Francis and Jeanne are going to Navarre to take this letter and at the same time see the Parish Priest and give him your message.

As for sending us letters, we don’t know the delivery times in Navarre or La Bonneville. Francis is going to find out and join the times to this envelope. – As for the telegrams, don’t hesitate to send one should something regrettable happen. Here is the address you must use: X. P., Guérin at Lamusse via la Bonneville

X. P. means express paid, that is to say, 1.50 F for about 3 kilometres. Make sure you tell the office that it’s 3 km away. Write La Musse in one word.

Give a tender kiss to our little queen from all of us and tell her that we love her very much.

Your father who cherishes you I. Guérin

Your mother is very well. Today she resumed her normal daily routine. Léonie, after having sorely wept, is being very sensible.

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