From Isidore Guérin to Mme Guérin - August 29, 1897.

From Isidore Guérin to Mme Guérin - August 29, 1897.

Vichy, 29th August 1897, 2:30 pm

Dearest little wife,

Here, then, is my last letter. The day after tomorrow we’ll no longer be talking with pens, but with our mouths and heart to heart. I’m very well, but I’ve had enough of the cooking at the Hotel; it isn’t helping my illness even though I’m eating practically nothing but lean meat. I’ve no news for you since yesterday, other than that the 3 letters I read again in the quiet of my room brought me great pleasure. I came back at 9 o’clock yesterday evening as usual. I sewed a button onto my shirt and went to bed. This morning I took Holy Communion at 7 o’clock – After that, lunch, coffee at the Restaurant, then a visit to the church where I recited my rosary and here I am. I’ve already started packing so I have the illusion I’m leaving earlier, since it won’t take me more than half an hour to finish as my little wife has done everything. [lv°] The trunks are open, the crates on the bed, and the various scattered objects ready to be packed, which I will do at 5 o’clock while waiting for the telegram you may send me. I will take a last shower at ½ past 3 which will prevent me from going to Solemn Vespers at the church of St. Louis and to the procession of the relics which should take place afterwards. The news you sent me of my little Thérèse greatly upset me. And yet I pray God to give her relief, but it’s no use because she redirects our prayers for the sake of the conversion of sinners. Tell my little Carmelites and dear Léonie how much I love them.

I’ll not mention all your recommendations; they shall be fulfilled. Let Roucher and Lerebours know I’ll be back on Wednesday.

See you soon, my beloved little wife, I devour you with kisses.

Your affectionate husband

I. Guérin

Do give my love to dear Grandmama.

[2r°] 5:45 – Coming back I found your dear letter (it was usual for letters from Lisieux to reach Paris within a day, and the rest of France within 24 hours), to which I will briefly reply.

- I didn’t reproach you at all, you didn’t deserve it. I explained what you should have done.

- As for the difficulty in obtaining carriages, I know about it for having experienced it often. There’s no other solution to this but good legs.

- Stay as you are, I like you very much that way. If I go first, God will provide.

- Here is a reminder of the itinerary of my journey. Monday, that is to say tomorrow the 30th, departure from Vichy at six minutes past noon – Arrival in Paris at 6:18.

Tuesday morning – Visit to the Sacré-Coeur and Notre Dame des Victoires – Back to the Hotel to see whether I have any mail.

Lunch at noon in Auteuil, 78 Rue la Fontaine (in his diary, for 31st August, Mr. Guérin had noted: “Visit Macé cousins”. We remember that one of his cousins was the Superior General of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, who in effect resided at n° 78 Rue La Fontaine), shopping in the afternoon.

- Back for dinner at 5 o’clock – Leave for Lisieux at 6:30 – Arrive at 10:16 in the evening.

A thousand kisses to my dear little wife


I will stay at the Hôtel d'Orléans, Rue Richelieu – So you can write to me – It’s a splendid day.

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