From Isidore Guérin to his daughter Marie - March 14, 1897.



From Isidore Guérin to his daughter Marie - March 14, 1897.

14th March 1897

           Beloved daughter,

           I don’t want you to enter into retreat without receiving a last kiss from your father and mother who thank you for the inexpressible happiness that your letter brought them.

           The reading of this letter was often interrupted by sweet tears and I wondered what there was to forgive this little angel for; she was the joy of our household and the ray of sunshine in our days of sorrow.

         Even if you weren’t perfect in the world, at least your imperfections were of the kind that leave behind no [lv°] guilt or bitter memory; they were inherent to human nature. But with the hand of God guiding us, you let yourself be moulded like soft wax in order to finally become God’s spouse. Ah, my dear child! What an honour God has given you, but what an even greater honour it is for me! I cannot conceive how in spite my iniquities God let such a beautiful lily grow in my garden. I can now die because I am leaving a bright lamp behind me that will never cease to burn before the divine Eucharist. May the God of all goodness who deigned bless my family so manifestly, be praised, loved and glorified forever and ever!

     If God has blessed me like this, it’s certainly not due to my merits but due to the accumulated merits of my parents. In the same way, if he chose you out of so many others despite your troubles and imperfections, it’s because you are the crystal vase in which the merits and prayers of several generations of pious and God-fearing ancestors have merged. We have nothing of our own; we are nothing on our own; everything belongs to God and there is nothing that does not come from Him.

   Therefore go, my darling, and respond to your divine spouse’s call. Rest during these ten days on his adorable Heart as did Blessed St. John. We will unite our prayers and aspirations with yours at every moment of the day so that on your wedding day we may have a [2v°] small share in your spouse’s kisses.

   Your mother is feeling better, she was able to get up today and move to the chaise long so that her bedclothes could be changed. – Jeanne is preparing to sing and tomorrow I will go and invite Miss Grégoire. – We were very pleased to see you so detached from earthly goods. It’s proof of your progress in virtue. But don’t worry, your parents are thinking of everything. I’m going to take care of the compost for Marie (for Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart, the gardener at the Carmel). I’m wholeheartedly sending you the 20 francs to buy back two little slaves, plus 0,50 for delivery.

Farewell, my darling, your father and mother bless you and devour you with kisses.

Your father

I. Guérin

For a long time your mother has had a burning desire to write to you, especially in the present circumstance, but she cannot do so.

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