From Louis Martin to his daughter Marie - September 25, 1885.

From Louis Martin to his daughter Marie

Naples, 25th September 1885.

Dear Poppet,

I’ve just spent a very good morning; I visited several magnificent churches and all filled with superb mosaics, they are very beautiful and very rich.

Naples is an enchanting town, but we are harassed by all manner of solicitors. Even the flies join in and it’s as if we’re being persecuted, but we are well and I can see with gratitude that God continues to pour out his kindness upon us.

We visited Pompeii yesterday, it’s very interesting, I’ll give you details later.

… Excuse-me, I’m obliged to follow the Father and I’m very hurriedly writing you these few lines. It’s only to please you and give you a sign of life. You must have guessed that. Soon, in Rome, I’ll write you a longer letter.

Come, my dear daughters, always be my joy and consolation on earth and continue to serve the Lord well. He is so great and admirable in his works!

Farewell then dear children. A thousand thanks for the prayers that all and sundry are kindly saying for travelers.

The Father is on my back and I’m forced to end here.

I kiss you wholeheartedly.

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