From Marie Martin to her parents Louis and Zélie - November 22, 1868.

From Marie Martin to her parents - November 22, 1868.

Dear and kind Parents,

I’m writing to say I didn’t win the rosette but I hope to have it next week because I will be very good to please you. Aunt told me you need to send me patches for my serviette because it is torn and it’s too much trouble to send it to Alençon I can also tell you I like it at the Visitation and the little girls are very sweet. Aunt gave us pearls to make two sets of ‘good deed’ beads: one for Pauline and one for me we use them often to do good deeds I can also tell you [1 v°] that Aunt told me to tell you I don’t learn my lessons well enough if I wanted to I could learn them better I can also tell you she is going to see me today and that she’s going to give us biscuits and from time to time I eat fatty food and it doesn’t do me any harm. I’m very much looking forward to New Year’s Day and I’m very glad to see it approaching Dear and kind parents you said that the Jardin de la Providence was very big but the garden at the Visitation is ten times bigger and there’s a little wood that is very nice we enjoy the recreations I was told I was making progress I know how to do verbs and analyses a little I can also tell you that I am 2nd in spelling and I was very nearly second in writing but I am 4th because my letters are not straight enough but I will try to be first in the next exercise [2r°]. Dear and kind parents I send you all my love and Pauline does too I send my love to grandmama and Adolphe (Grandmother Martin and Mr. Leriche) and my little sisters I send all my love to Louise and tell her I pray for her and Grandpa every evening and all the good deeds I do I do them for Grandpa and I pray for you and for Papa and for all my family every evening. I send my love to Sister Dosithée and I pray to God that I might have a good character.

Marie Martin.

The Visitation 22nd November 1868 

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