From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mr. and Mrs. Guérin – November 29, 1868

From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mr. and Mrs. Guérin.

V. + J. (Live Jesus)

From our Monastery in Le Mans

29th November 1868

Dear brother and dear Sister,

(…. . )[lv°] This occasion, my very dear sister, allows me the pleasure of answering your kind letter earlier. I was indeed very surprised to hear that you made a trip to Alençon (on 15th November, to sign the settlement of Mr. Guérin senior’s heritage). Zélie will have been very glad to see you again, it will have consoled her, she loves you so much, but alas Father was missing, he would have been so happy to see all his family united, well may God’s will be done. . .  

Marie is used to the Visitation convent and has been so for a long time, she really likes it here, she is most willing but she is difficult, she has an original side to her nature that demands a great deal of care; but I think that when she is grown she will be very good and solidly virtuous. Until then we just have to battle. However all these battles have not prevented her from putting on weight, she has a healthy figure that is pleasing on the eye. Pauline has just had a cold, she was made to stay in [2 r°] bed, she is fine now. This child is a pleasure to have here, everyone loves her, she is so affectionate and so kind, if God lets her stay on earth, she will be a happy mortal, she can adapt to anything, she is always in agreement; when we wanted her to get up she was very glad. If she was asked to stay in bed, she did so with pleasure saying that she was happy to have the peace and quiet. In short, she is like that for everything, her little classmates like her very much as well and share in all her little troubles. As for me just seeing her brings me joy for she is so cheerful and is so well behaved. Yet I had to punish her today, I am not going to take her, she disobeyed me, these poor little ones are so upset when I don’t want to take them, but unfortunately it has to be done sometimes.   

I see I am going to have to end here, I live in the hope of seeing all three of you next spring since Isidore said that you are to become Godfather and Godmother to my sister’s child. (the Martin household was expecting a 7th child – Céline. Mrs. Guérin would indeed be the child’s godmother but the godfather would be Mr. Vital Romet). 

Marie and Pauline join with me in [2v°] sending their love to you and our little Jeanne who is so dear to us and who we love so much. I hope you are both well even though you do not speak of your health, as for me I am quite well, I am not ill but I have a little cough, this is a bad season for me, it will pass like so many others.

Your affectionate sister

Sr. Marie Dosithée Guérin

of the Von of Holy Mary

B. B. G.

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