From Mme Guérin to Jeanne La Néele - November 6, 1891.

From Mme. Guérin to Jeanne La Néele - November 6, 1891.

Lisieux November 91 Dear little Jeanne

I believe I am going to be obliged to postpone my trip to Caen until Monday for your papa has an excessively bad cold. He suffered greatly from his cold yesterday, and went to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening. His pulse rate was a hundred and four beats per minute; you can see he had a very high temperature. It eventually came down, and he rested. He has nursed himself as best he can so as to recover and be able to go to Caen on Sunday, but it would be very unwise even admitting he could do so. So I have preferred to inform you of it this very morning, and as I don’t want to leave papa alone and so poorly for two days I think it would be preferable if I [1 v°] postponed my trip until Monday. I will inform Le Chesne. I haven’t yet come to a definite decision, because I could go tomorrow Saturday and come back the same evening, but I would be depriving Céline and Marie of spending Sunday with you. All things considered, I think it would be preferable to postpone it until Monday. If I change my mind and come tomorrow you will have a letter tomorrow morning. Your papa is no worse this morning; he is working on his newspaper, which tires him out greatly in the feverish state he is in. Well, I hope yesterday was the worst day, this morning he is coughing less. Please tell my little Marie not to worry, and to enjoy her little holiday. I love having her near me, it’s true, as well as her dear little companion, but I am not at all [2 r°] bored; I have my dear Léonie who is very faithful to me and who does everything she can for me. The poor girl is upset at seeing that the trip will probably be deferred, but must one not grow used to making sacrifices in life! Yesterday your papa received the letter from your husband, which you signed too, and he wept as he read it; that is how much good his children’s affection does him. He says no other praise affects him, but that this goes straight to his heart. He is very proud of his children, and of his Francis! And our Céline is a valiant little champion! What a lovely letter she wrote to her uncle! My husband was thoroughly moved reading it. She has a most ardent and noble heart. I don’t know whether I told you that Mama thought of having a gathering on Sunday 15th. Her feast day will be moved forward. Anyway [2 v°] she will write to you when it has been definitively arranged. Farewell, my little Jeanne, don’t be too upset at seeing our trip deferred, I hope your papa will improve, he still has a temperature this morning, he has resolved to take a Quinine sulphate tablet. Don’t worry, I will give you news of him tomorrow. I send all my love to you all. Your wholly devoted mother, C. Guérin

I was half expecting a letter from Marie this morning, but it is likely I will receive it this afternoon. In any case if she hasn’t written to me tell her not to worry. Give her a double kiss from me for her trouble.

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