From Mme Guérin to her daughter Marie - November 4, 1891.

From Mme. Guérin to her daughter Marie -November 4, 1891.

Dear little Marie I’ve come to reply to your charming little letters and to bring you news (Marie and Céline were in Caen staying with the La Néeles). But above all I must tell you how touched your papa was by his children’s congratulations. You certainly chose a very good interpreter when you entrusted the pen to dear Céline. Nobody could better express your feelings better than her. What a warm and valiant heart she has! Please tell her, dear Marie, how touched her aunt and uncle were by her letter. It brought him very great pleasure. What I’m saying is the pure truth. Her congratulations arrived an hour after those of Mr. Target [1 v°] who didn’t want to let the day go by without coming to present his own to your father. So now his duty is fulfilled. The main thing is that God’s cause be defended. Now come what may. Your father has had a very bad cold since yesterday, so he is not going to spend the whole night at the cathedral St. Pierre (Mr. Guérin was one of the founders of Nocturnal Adoration in his parish). So I’m going to be able to let dear Léonie stay in her room. She is a very faithful companion to me and hardly leaves my side. We get along very well together. We work a great deal, this afternoon I was tired of darning. I thought of Céline, I believe I was a bit like her, my head is still throbbing as I write to you, and my handwriting leaves much to be desired. But with one’s daughter, one doesn’t pay attention to things like that: one thinks only about speaking with one’s heart and that is very easy for me to do with my little Benjamin who surrounded me with her kindness before leaving. [2 r°] Today I received a visit from Grandmama, Mrs. Lahaye with Marthe and Marguerite, and Hélène Maudelonde; Marthe has started writing again with her mama, but doesn’t read very much. Besides she was very reserved today with her words. Grandmama asked me to run an errand when I go to Caen, which is to buy two boas like yours for the Miss Maudelondes for her feast day which will be moved forward to Sunday 15th probably. I told her the boas weren’t very good, she nevertheless asked me to run the errand, unless I find little feather neck scarves at the same price. Yesterday I saw Aunt Maudelonde and her daughters and husband. Mr. Maudelonde is going to La Musse tomorrow probably; he couldn’t leave earlier, as he was in pain. Did Céline put a palm tree in storage with Mrs. Valois about a year ago? On Monday, an hour after you left, her heir brought us a palm tree assuring us it was ours. Indeed, the name Guérin was on it, but no matter how hard we tried to remember, consulted Léonie, even Maria, nobody could ever, ever remember putting a plant in storage. The heir insisted it was ours, that Ferdinand had brought it, and that it was without a doubt Miss Céline who had sent it. He repeated in every possible [2 v°] way that it was Miss Céline. We had no choice but to accept the palm tree for which we had to pay 1.50 F storage. This morning we sent Ferdinand the portrait of his little boy, and he was very pleased, as was his wife. We also received Mr. Tifenne’s photographs (the friends from Alençon had spent the day with the Guérins on 26th August). I will take them to Jeanne on Saturday. Also, tell your sister that I will bring her a rabbit pâté that I am having Maria make. As people always want to do my pâté justice, I didn’t think it would be met with indifference by the little mistress of the house. We have just bought Le Progrès (newspaper dated 4th November, in which Henry Chéron replies virulently to Mr. Guérin) and are sending it to Francis so that you are aware of the response to your papa’s article. It’s nothing but a string of insults as you will be able to judge for yourselves, and doesn’t even mention the main point of the article. Your father laughed about it and I did the same. The article must have been written in the heat of anger. We are happy to have the approbation of serious people such as Mr. Lemaignen and Mr. Target. Therefore my children, do as we did and don’t let all that worry you. I send you all my love, my darling little Benjamin. Do give my love to Jeannette, Célinette and dear Francis. Your papa sends all his love and dear Léonie does the same. She told me earlier she was no longer at all unhappy, that she wasn’t worried and was wholly resigned to what God wills. Whatever you do, tell my little Jeanne not to worry about me or her papa.

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