From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mr. and Mrs. Guérin – October 25, 1868

From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mr. and Mrs. Guérin.

Source: autograph fd 20,8 x 13,3 cm.

V. + J. (Live Jesus)

From our Monastery in Le Mans

25th October 1868

My dear Brother and My dear sister,

I was very pleased to receive your letter I was worried about Isidore’s health. I had seen him so ill on his last trip to Le Mans, but now I am completely reassured. I cannot say the same about poor Zélie, she is not easily consoled after all the losses she has had this year; she is in a distressing solitude. When she goes up to my poor Father’s room and hears nothing but the silence of death (Mr. Guérin senior had died on 3rd September 1868), she remembers the evenings they used to have, enlivened with all his grandchildren playing. Grand-father would be there by the fire-side, roasting chestnuts and playing in the little family’s games, and now there is nothing. The dear old man is dead and the children are gone. 

I fear that in the end her health will be affected as a result of so many shocks, however what reassures me slightly [lv°] is her faith and truly incredible and prodigious courage, what a strong woman! Adversity does not strike her down, prosperity does not lift her up.

I am very glad to have my dear little nieces with me, I am really hoping to do something good with them. Marie has some difficulties of character, but it’s nothing, it will pass, she studies well and is willing. As for Pauline, she is a charming little girl whom everyone likes, she has thus far studied quite well, but I am not sure it will continue, however I will do what I can. They love me dearly and fear causing me trouble, it is a terrible punishment for them when I refuse to kiss them, but also I will only use this method on special occasions. They won the rosette last week and I think they will win it again this week: it is a prize we award to those who have not had a bad mark during the week. They are quite advanced for their age.

So let’s talk now about our dear little Jeanne (born on 24th February): all the details you give me about this dear child please me so much, I shall be very happy when I can see her with her [2r°] little mother whom I love so dearly. I assure you my dear sister that I share your happiness and thank the Lord for having given you this beautiful little angel that you wish to raise only for his glory and service. I very much hope that your prayers will be answered and that this dear child will be virtuous and holy. As for what you told me beloved sister about your having my rosary beads, I am very glad, I think that every time you use them you will remember me in your fervent prayers; I assure you that I sorely need them because it is not the habit that makes a nun but the practice of virtues.

I thank you, dear little sister for all the trouble you have gone to in finding me horsehair. I no longer make flowers and am not sure whether I’ll make any more so don’t send me anything, it is better that I ask you for some if I need it in the future.

I don’t think you have received all of this year’s issues of Our Lady of the Sacred-Heart up to the month of October; when my Sr. Marie Dominique sent your address to Issoudun, she asked for all of this year’s issues to be sent to you, and instead [2 v°] she is the one who received them, she intends to put them in the Post and address them to you, but just to be sure, I told her not to send them to you before next Sunday, so if you have them already, all 9 issues, which I don’t think you do, I shall receive a letter from you before 1st 9ber and if you don’t have them, I shall not receive anything and in that case we shall put them in the Post for you. 

Since you are kind enough, dear brother, to give me some benzoin resin (dental resin) I gratefully accept it.

Marie believes you want to give her a missal as a New Year’s gift, and she would rather not have one, she is quite right, her first communion will be early enough and until then, if you would like to give her something she needs a pair of scissors.

I must end here for I do not have the time to continue much longer. I am very well at present, I am afraid of living for too long, they gave me a type of drug that did me extraordinary good,

Dear brother and sister, I send all my love to you and also to my dear little niece.

Your devoted sister

Sr. Marie Dosithée Guérin

of the Von of Holy Mary


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