Reading Saint Thérèse

Placing online the group of Thérèse’s originals (called facsimiles)

is an invitation open to all. We go to the source materials and

reflect upon them so that a new space behind the texts of

Thérèse, our Saint Thérèse, opens up. Interweaving her texts

that are well known and read with these poor papers, torn,

covered with such eloquent writing, obliges us to go beyond

our knowledge of the texts to meet another Thérèse.

This is the plan of this gigantic first section of the site.


The manuscripts

Prayers Poems


Letters Holy cards made by Thérèse

School notebooks (in French)

Last conversations Works of art


To offer quality fac-simile, we opted for the png format (not jpg). 

The loading is slower but it allows better enlargement.