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[1r°]                                                   J.M.J.T.

Jesus +

O my dear Sister! you ask me to give you a souvenir of my retreat, one which will probably be my last. Since Mother Prioress228 permits it, it will be a joy for me to come and speak with you who are [5] doubly my Sister, with you who lent me your voice promising in my name that I wished to serve Jesus only. This child, dear little godmother, whom you offered to the Lord and who speaks to you this evening, is one who loves you as a child loves its mother. [10] Only in heaven will you understand the gratitude that overflows my heart. O my dear Sister, you wish to hear about the secrets Jesus confides to your little sister; however, I realize He confides these secrets to you too, for you are the one who taught me how to gather the divine instructions. Nevertheless, I am going to stammer some words even though I [15] feel it is quite impossible for the human tongue to express things that the human heart can hardly understand.

Do not believe I am swimming in consolations; oh, no, my consolation is to have none on earth. Without showing Himself, without making His voice heard, Jesus teaches me in secret; it is [20] not by means of books, for I do not understand what I am reading. Sometimes a word comes to console me, such as this one which I received at the end of prayer (after having remained in silence and aridity): “Here is the teacher whom I am giving you; he will teach you everything that you must do. I want to make you read in the book of life, wherein is contained the [20] science of LOVE.” The science of Love, ah, yes, this word resounds sweetly in the ear of my soul, and I desire only this science. Having given all my riches for it, I esteem it as having given nothing as did the bride in the sacred Canticles. I understand so well that it is only love that makes us acceptable to God, [30] that this love is the only good I ambition. Jesus deigned to show me the road that leads to this Divine Furnace, and this road is the surrender of the little child who sleeps without fear in its Father’s arms. “Whoever is a little one, let him come to me.” So speaks the Holy Spirit through the mouth of Solomon. This same Spirit of Love [35] also says: “For to him that is little, mercy will be shown.” The Prophet Isaiah reveals in His name that on the last day: “God shall feed his flock like a shepherd; he shall gather together the lambs with his arm, and shall take them up in his bosom.” As though these promises were not sufficient, this same prophet whose gaze was already plunged into the [40] eternal depths cried out in the Lord’s name: “As one whom a mother caresses, so will I comfort you; you shall be carried at the breasts and upon the knees they will caress you.”

After having listened to words such as these, dear godmother, there is nothing to do but to be silent and to weep with gratitude


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