From l'abbé Maurice Bellière to Mother Agnes of Jesus - October 23, 1895 (Extracts.)

From l'abbé Maurice Bellière to Mother Agnes of Jesus - October 23, 1895 (Extracts.)

Major Seminary - Sommervieu

Wednesday, October 23, '95

How I thank you, Mother, for having exercised so much charity toward me.. .you who were so kind as to comply with my desperate request.... Whom have you given me as a Sister? A saint, an angel, as you express it yourself! I knew there were only saints among you, but I did not dare imagine that a saint among saints would become my sister. Oh, Mother, you are treating me like a son, permit me to consider myself as such, and to come into your family to pour out my sorrows and joys. Permit me to write you or to come and tell you all that will happen to me, the good and the bad, with the various events in a life to be rebuilt and which is just beginning. Allow me to speak with you about the things of God, and to draw at your side strength and virtue, in all the simplicity of a child and a "spoiled child" as the world says.

I would also be happy to tell Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus how touched I was by her charity, her devotedness, drawn from the purest fountain of divine Love. The rules of your order, no doubt, do not permit me to write her, and so I am asking you, Mother, to be my intermediary with her, as you already have been with so much success and joy. Tell her, Mother, that I thank, with emo­tion, the divine goodness that has chosen this Sister to aid me in doing the work of Jesus Christ, that I read with deep feeling the inspired prayer which she composed and is saying each day for me, and that I am asking you to give her this emblem of the Sacred Heart which seals our divine association—it lacks only her signature since you, Mother, and God have already approved it first. Tell Sister also that my promise holds and will hold eternally since in heaven for us priests there will be a perpetual Mass: She will always have a place in the memento, as well as yourself, Mother, and your Com­munity. ... In the Eucharist, I will return thanks to her for these prayers and these sacrifices which she is offering in my favor. But her great desire will be realized also: I shall be a priest, an apostle after God's own Heart; I feel it, and together we shall save the dear souls of Jesus Christ.... I shall be the instrument, and you, Sister, will do the converting....

A Dieu, Mother à Dieu, Sister; always in the Sacred Hearts. Thank you also for the golden Ave Maria.

Your respectful and grateful son and brother forever,

M. Barthélemy-Belliére Enf. de Marie et Joseph garde d'honneur de S.C.

Asp. Miss.

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