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November 20, 1894

To my Sister Marie-Madeleine on the day of her Profession, made in the hands of Mother Agnes of Jesus.
1  On this beautiful day, O Madeleine!
We come close to you to sing
Of the marvelous, sweet chain
That unites you to your Spouse.
Listen to the charming story
Of the shepherdess whom a great King
One day wished to overwhelm with glory
And who responded to his voice.
Let us sing of the Shepherdess, Poor on this earth,
Whom the King of Heaven Weds this day in Carmel.
2  A little shepherd girl
Used to tend her lambs while spinning.
She admired every tiny flower.
She listened to the bird songs,
Understanding well the sweet language
Of the deep forests and the beautiful blue Sky.
For her everything was an image
Revealing God to her.
3  She loved Jesus and Mary
With a truly great ardor.
They also loved Mélanie
And came to speak to her heart.
"Do you wish," said the Sweet Queen,
"Do you wish to become Madeleine,
Close to me, on Mount Carmel,
And from then on win nothing less than Heaven?
4  "Child, leave this countryside.
Don't long for your flock.
There, on my holy mountain,
Jesus will be your only Lamb."
"O come! your soul has charmed me,"
Jesus repeated in turn,
"I take you as my fiancée.
You shall be mine forever."
5  The humble shepherdess happily
Responded to that sweet call.
Upheld by Mary, her Mother,
She reached the summit of Carmel.
It is you, O Marie-Madeleine!
Whom we honor on this great day.
The Shepherdess has become a Queen
Close to King Jesus, her love!...
6  You know, very dear Sister,
To serve our God is to reign.
During his life the Sweet Savior
Never ceased teaching this to us:
"If in the Heavenly Homeland
You want to be the first,
All your life you'll have to
Hide yourself... To be the last."
7  Blessed are you, Madeleine,
Praying to Jesus on Carmel.
Would there be any sorrow for you,
Being so near Heaven?
You imitate Martha and Mary.
To pray, to serve the sweet Savior
Is the goal of your life.
It gives you true happiness.
8  If sometimes bitter suffering
Should come to visit your heart,
Make it your joy:
To suffer for God... what sweetness!...
Then Divine tenderness
Will make you soon forget
That you walk on thorns.
Rather you will believe that you are flying...
9  Today the angels envy you.
They would like to enjoy the happiness
That you possess, O Marie!
As the Lord's spouse.
Yes, even in this life you are
The spouse of the King of the elect.
One day in our holy Homeland
You shall reign close to Jesus.

Last Refrain

Soon the Shepherdess, Poor on this earth,
Flying away to Heaven, Will reign close to the Eternal One.

To our Venerable Mothers

10  It is you, good and loving Mothers,
It is to your care and your prayers
That Madeleine our Sister
Owes her peace and her happiness.
She will be truly grateful
For your tender and maternal love,
Asking her Divine Master
To overwhelm you with Heaven's riches.


And in your crowns, O very good Mothers,
Will shine the flower You offer to God our Savior.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


Story of a Shepherdess
Who Became a Queen




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datation: November 20, 1894

addressee: Marie-Madeleine du St Sacrement