PN 12

December 18, 1894
1  It's close to you, Virgin Mary,
That we have come to sing tonight,
Praying to you for this dear child
Whose only hope you are.
2  On the blessed feast of your expectation 
You make her heart truly happy.
She is pitching her tent on Carmel
And is only awaiting her Holy Vows.
3  O tender Mother, this beautiful day
Brings back sweet memories for her.
On another day in her life
You came to cover her with your mantle.
4  At last the rough serge is given back to her.
Twice she has received your habit.
Mother, may she receive
A double portion of your spirit.
5  She sang, "I have courage!..."
"That's true," we've said among ourselves.
She sang, "I like to work! "
Work won't be lacking here!...
6  But strength is a very good thing.
So that she may work wholeheartedly,
Mother, put on her cheeks
The brilliant color of a rose!...


7  For her the waiting is over.
Her heart knows the peace of Heaven.
This Christmas Jesus wants to see her
In her Fiancée's habit.
8  Tender Mother, may He deign
To hide your humble lamb in his Face.
That is where she craves a place,
Not wanting any other cradle.
9  O Mary, deign to grant
The wishes of your poor lamb.
During the night of this life,
Hide her under your mantle.
10  Listen to all her prayers, 
And may your maternal heart
Keep safe for a long, long time the Mothers
Who give her back her dear Carmel!...

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc








It's close to you, Virgin Mary,







datation: December 18, 1894

addressee: Marie de la Trinité