PN 18bis



1  Scorning earthly joys,
I've become a prisoner.
I've seen that all pleasures are passing.
You are my only joy,
2  Beneath my feet the grass has been crushed.
The flower in my hand has withered!...
Jesus, I want to run in your meadow.
My steps won't leave a trace
On it!...
3  It's your love alone that transports me.
I leave my flock on the plain.
I don't take the trouble to tend it.
I just want to please my one
New Lamb.
4  Jesus, you are the Lamb I love.
You are all I need, O supreme good!
In you I have everything, the earth and even Heaven.
The Flower that I pick, O my King!
Is You!...
5  In you, I've the beauty of nature.
I've the rainbow, pure snow,
Distant islands, the ripe harvest,
Butterflies, the bright springtime,
The fields.
6  I've the ship slipping away from the beach,
The golden wake and the shore,
I've the sun decorating the cloud
As it disappears
From the sky.
7  You whose hand upholds the spheres,
Who plant the deep forests,
You who at a mere glance make them ferule,
You always watch over me
With a look of Love!....
8  Drawn to the gentle flame,
The moth flies and catches on fire.
So your love draws my soul.
In it I want to fly,
To burn!...
9  My God, I already hear
Your eternal feast being prepared.
Taking my silent harp from the willows,
I'm going to sit down near you,
To see You.
10  With You, I'll see Mary,
The Saints, my dear family...
After this life's exile I'll go
To see my Father's house again
In Heaven!...


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc









He Who Has Jesus
Has Everything



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datation: March 1897

addressee: abbé Bellière