PN 21


J. M. J. T.
1 O Jesus! on this day you have broken my bonds...
In the blessed Order of the Virgin Mary
I shall be able to find true wealth.
Lord, if I have left my dear family,
You will know how to heap heavenly favors on them,
And to me, you will give the pardon of sinners....  
2 Jesus, in Carmel I want to live, Since to this oasis your love has called me.
It's there (repeat) that I want to follow you
To love you, to love you and to die.
It's there that I want to follow you
There, yes, there!
3 O Jesus! on this day, you have fulfilled all my desires.
From now on, near the Eucharist, I shall be able
To sacrifice myself in silence, to wait for Heaven in peace.
Keeping myself open to the rays of the Divine Host,
In this furnace of love, I shall be consumed,
And like a seraphim, Lord, I shall love you.
4 Jesus, soon I must follow you
To the eternal shore when my days will come to an end.
Always (repeat) I shall live in Heaven
To love you and never to die again....
Always in Heaven I shall live,
Always, yes, always!

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc

Canticle of a Soul Having Found the Place of Its Rest




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datation: August 15, 1895           

addressee: Marie Guérin