PN 24



1 Remember the Father's glory,
 Remember the divine splendor
You left in exiling yourself on earth
To redeem all the poor sinners. 
O Jesus! Humbling yourself to the Virgin Mary,
You veiled your infinite greatness and glory.
Ah! Your mother's breast
Was your second heaven,
2 Remember that on the day of your birth,
The Angels, leaving Heaven, sang:
"Glory, honor, and power to our God
And peace in hearts of good will."
You have kept your promise for nineteen hundred years. Lord, peace is the wealth of your children.
To enjoy forever
Your ineffable peace,
I come to you.
3 I come to you, hide me in your swaddling clothes.
I want to stay in your cradle always.
There, singing with the angels,
I'll be able to remind you of the joys of your first days. O Jesus! remember the shepherds and the wise men Who joyfully offered you their hearts and homage.
The innocent procession
Which shed its blood for you,
4 Remember that you preferred Mary's arms
To your royal throne.
Little Child, to sustain you in life
You had nothing but virginal milk.
Oh! Jesus, my little Brother, deign to invite me
To that feast of love Your Mother gives you.
Your little sister
Made your heart pound,
5 Remember that you chose for your father
The humble Joseph, who on order from Heaven
Tore you away from a man's madness
Without waking you on your mother's breast.
Word-God, remember that strange mystery.
You kept silent and made an angel speak!
Your far-off exile
On the banks of the Nile,
6 Remember that on other shores
The golden stars and silver moon
On which I gaze in the cloudless sky
Delighted and charmed your Infant eyes.
With your little hand that caressed Mary
You upheld the world and gave it life,
And you thought of me,
 Jesus, my little King,
7 Remember that you worked in solitude
With your divine hands.
To live forgotten was your sweetest task.
You rejected human learning.
O You who with just one word could charm the world, You took delight in hiding your profound wisdom.
You seemed unlearned,
O All-powerful Lord!
8 Remember that you wandered as a Stranger on earth. You, The Eternal Word,
You had nothing... no, not even a stone,
Not a shelter, like the birds of heaven...
O Jesus! come within me, come rest your Head,
 Come, my soul is truly ready to receive you.
 My Beloved Savior,
Rest in my heart.
It is Yours...
9 Remember the heavenly affection
You heaped on the littlest children.
I too want to receive your caresses.
Ah! give me your ravishing kisses.
To enjoy your sweet presence in Heaven,
I'll practice the virtues of childhood.
 Didn't you often say:
"Heaven is for children..."?
10 Remember that alongside the fountain
A Traveler tired by the journey
Made waves of love from within his breast
Overflow on the Samaritan woman.
Ah! I know Him who asked for a drink.
He is the Gift of God, the source of glory.
He is Water springing up.
It's He who said to us,
"Come to me."
11 "Come to me, poor burdened souls,
Your heavy loads will soon be lightened,
And, quenched forever,
From your breast waters shall spring up."
 O my Jesus! I thirst for this water, I crave it.
Deign to flood my soul with its divine torrents.
To make my dwelling
In the Ocean of Love,
I come to you.
12 Remember that as a child of light
I often forget to serve my King well.
Oh! Take pity on my great misery.
In your love, Jesus, forgive me.
Make me wise in the ways of Heaven.
Show me the secrets hidden in the Gospel.
Ah! that golden book
Is my dearest treasure,
13 Remember that your divine Mother
Has a marvelous power over your Heart.
Remember how one day at her prayer
You changed water into delightful wine.
Deign also to transform my imperfect works.
Make them perfect, Lord, at Mary's voice.
That I am your child,
O Jesus! Very often,
14 Remember that you would often climb
The hills at sunset.
Remember your divine prayers,
 Your love songs at the hour of sleep.
O my God, I offer your prayer with delight.
During my hours of prayer, and then at the Divine Office,
There so close to your Heart
I sing with joy:
15 Remember that on seeing the countryside,
Your Divine Heart anticipated the harvests.
 Raising your eyes to the holy mountains,
You whispered the names of your elect....
So that your harvest may soon be gathered in,
Each day, O my God, I sacrifice myself and I pray
That my joys and my tears
Are for your Harvesters,
16 Remember the Angels' feast,
Remember Heaven's harmony
And the joy of the sublime hosts
 When a sinner raises his eyes to you.
Ah! I want to increase that great joy.
Jesus, I want to pray unceasingly for sinners.
That I came to Carmel
To fill your beautiful Heaven,
17 Remember the ever gentle Flame
Which you wanted to enkindle in hearts.
You put this Fire of Heaven in my soul.
I also want to spread its intense heat.
One weak spark, O mystery of life,
Is enough to light a huge fire.
That I want, O my God,
To carry your Fire far and wide,
18 Remember the splendid banquet
That you gave for your repentant son.
Remember that you yourself nourish
The pure soul at each moment.
Jesus, you welcome the prodigal son with love.
But no dikes separate me from the waves of your Heart. My Beloved, my King,
All your wealth is mine,
19 Remember how you scorned glory.
In lavishing your divine miracles,
You cried out, "How can you believe,
You who seek human esteem?...
The works that I do seem surprising.
My friends will do many more remarkable ones..."
 How humble and gentle you were.
Jesus, my tender Spouse,
20 Remember that in a holy rapture
The Virgin Apostle drew near your heart.
He knew your tenderness at rest.
He understood all your secrets, Lord...
I am not at all jealous of your beloved disciple.
I know your secrets, for I am your spouse.
O my divine Savior,
I fall asleep on your Heart.
It is mine!...
21 Remember that on the night of your agony
Your tears mingled with your blood.
Dew of love, its infinite worth
Made virginal flowers spring up.
An angel, showing you this choice harvest,
Made joy reappear on your blessed Face.
Jesus, you saw me
Among your lilies,
22 Remember that your fruitful Dew
Made the flowers' corollas virginal
And made them able even in this world
To give birth to a great number of hearts.
I am a virgin, O Jesus! yet what a mystery.
When I unite myself to you, I am the mother of souls. The virginal flowers
Who save sinners,
23 Remember that a Condemned Man,
Overwhelmed with suffering, turning to Heaven,
Cried out, "Soon You will see me
Appear glorious in power."
No one wanted to believe that He was the Son of God, For his ineffable glory was hidden...
O Prince of Peace,
As for me, I recognize you,
I believe in you!...
24 Remember that your divine Face
Was always unknown to your own people;
But you left your sweet image for me,
And, you know it well, I did recognize you
Yes, I know you, all veiled in tears.
Face of the Eternal One, I discover your charms.
Jesus, all the hearts
Who gather your tears,
25 Remember the loving moan
That escaped from your Heart on the cross.
Ah! Jesus, that moan is impressed in my heart,
And I share your burning thirst.
The more I feel myself burning with your divine flames, The more I thirst to give you souls.
 With love's thirst
I burn night and day,
26 Remember, Jesus, Word of Life,
How you loved me and even died for me.
 I also want to love you to folly.
 I also want to live and die for You.
You know, O my God! all that I desire
Is to make you loved and one day be a martyr.
I want to die of love.
Lord, my desire,
27 Remember that on the day of your victory
You told us, "He who has not seen
The Son of God all radiant with glory
Is blessed if still he has believed! "
 In the shadow of Faith, I love you and adore you.
 O Jesus! I'm waiting in peace for the dawn to see you.
I don't desire
To see you here below,
28 Remember that in ascending to the Father
You could not leave us orphans;
And in making yourself a prisoner on earth,
You knew to veil all your divine rays.
But the shadow of your veil is luminous and pure.
Living Bread of faith, Celestial Food,
O mystery of love!
My daily Bread,
Jesus, is You!....
29 Jesus, it is you who, despite the blasphemies
Of the enemies of the Sacrament of love,
It is you who want to show how much you love me, Since you make your dwelling in my heart.
O Bread of the exiled! Holy and Divine Host,
It is no longer I who live, but I live on your life.
Jesus, the golden ciborium
You prefer to all others
Is I!
30 Jesus, I am your living sanctuary
That the wicked cannot profane.
Stay in my heart; is it not a flower bed
Where each flower wants to turn to you?
But, O white Lily of the valley, if you withdrew,
You know well, my flowers would quickly lose their petals.
My Beloved Jesus,
Sweet-smelling Lily, always
Blossom in me!...
31 Remember that on earth I want
To console you for the forgetfulness of sinners.
My only Love, grant my prayer.
Ah! give me a thousand hearts to love you.
But that is still too little, Jesus, Beauty Supreme.
Give me your divine Heart Itself to love you.
Lord, my burning desire,
At each moment,
32 Remember that your holy will
Is my rest, my only happiness.
I abandon myself and I fall asleep without fear
In your arms, O my divine Savior.
If you also fall asleep when the storm rages,
I always want to stay in deep peace.
But, Jesus, while you are asleep,
Prepare me
For the awakening!
33 Remember how I often long
For the day of your great coming.
Send the angel to tell us soon:
"Wake up, time is no more!..."
Then I'll swiftly pass through space.
Lord, right near you I'll take my place.
In the Eternal Home
You're to be my Heaven,

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc







Jesus, My Beloved, Remember!...




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datation: October 21, 1895      

addressee: Céline (sr Geneviève) upon request

Jésus, mon Bien-Aimé, rappelle-toi !...