PN 25






1 Little Key, oh, I envy you!
For each day you can open
The prison of the Eucharist
Where the God of Love resides.
But, O what a sweet miracle!
By just an effort of my faith
I can also open the tabernacle
To hide near the Divine King...
2 Being consumed near my God
 In the sanctuary, I would like
To burn forever with mystery
Like the Lamp of the Holy Place....
Oh! what happiness... I have flames within me,
And each day I can win
A great number of souls for Jesus,
Inflaming them with his love...
3 At each daybreak I envy you,
O Sacred Altar Stone! As in the blessed stable,
On you the Eternal One wants to be born...
Ah! Deign to grant my prayer.
Come into my soul, Sweet Savior...
Far from being a cold stone,
It is the sigh of your Heart!
4 O Corporal surrounded by angels!
How enviable is your lot.
On you, as in his humble swaddling clothes,
I see Jesus, my only treasure.
Virgin Mary, change my heart
Into a pure, beautiful Corporal
To receive the white host,
Where your Sweet Lamb hides.
5 Holy Paten, I envy you.
Upon you Jesus comes to rest.
Oh! may his infinite grandeur
Deign to humble itself even to me...
Fulfilling my hope, Jesus
Does not wait until the evening of my life.
He comes within me; by his presence
I am a living Monstrance!...
6 Oh! how I envy the happy chalice
Where I adore the divine Blood....
But at the Holy Sacrifice
I can take it in each morning.
To Jesus my soul is dearer
Than precious vessels of gold.
The Altar is a new Calvary
Where his Blood still flows for me...
7 Jesus, holy and sacred Vine,
O my Divine King, You know
I am a cluster of golden grapes
Which must disappear for you.
Under the wine press of suffering,
I shall prove my love for you.
I want no other joy
Than to sacrifice myself each day.
8 Ah! what joy, I am chosen
Among the grains of pure Wheat
Who lose their lives for Jesus...
My delight is truly great!...
I am your dear spouse,
My Beloved, come live in me,
Oh! come, your beauty has ravished me.
Deign to transform me into You!....

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc













My Desires Near Jesus
Hidden in His Prison of Love





See the music score n° 1and n° 2




datation: 1895 – automn.

addressee: Saint Vincent de Paul,upon request