PN 26

1 Christ is my Love, He is my whole life.
He is the Fiancé who alone delights my eyes.
Thus I already hear the melodious sounds
Of his sweet harmony.
2 He has adorned my hand with pearls beyond compare. He has adorned my neck with necklaces of great price. The rich diamonds that one sees on my ears
Are a gift of Christ.
3 He has completely adorned me with precious stones. Already his engagement ring sparkles on my finger.
He has deigned to cover my virginal mantle
With luminous pearls.
4 I am the fiancée of Him whom the angels
Will serve, trembling, for all eternity.
The moon and the sun proclaim his praises,
Admire his beauty.
5 His Empire is Heaven, his nature is divine.
He chose the Immaculate Virgin for his Mother.
His Father is the true God who has no origin.
He is pure Spirit....
6 When I love Christ and when I touch him,
My heart becomes purer, I am even more chaste. The kiss of his mouth has given me the treasure Of virginity.
7 He has already put his sign on my forehead
So that no lover dare come near me.
I feel sustained by the divine grace
Of my Loving King.
8 My cheeks are colored with his precious blood.
Already I feel I am tasting the delights of Heaven,
For I can gather both milk and honey
From his sacred lips.
9 So I fear nothing, neither sword nor flame.
No, nothing can trouble my ineffable peace,
 And the fire of love which consumes my soul
Shall never go out!....


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc



The Responses of Saint Agnes




See the music score n° 1Music score n° 2


datation: January 21, 1896

addressee: Agnès de Jésus