PN 27








J. M. J. T.


1st C.

O ineffable remembrance
Of that beautiful day of days.
I will keep forever
Your incomparable sweetness....

2nd C.

I am united to Jesus
By the bonds of Love,
And his infinite Grandeur
Makes his dwelling within me.

1st Refrain

Oh! what inexpressible intoxication
I feel palpitating within me:
The burning, tender heart
Of my Spouse, of my King.

3rd C.

I suffer this exile without difficulty,
Living with my Spouse...
The chain joining me to the Jealous God
Is so sweet!...

4th C.

O Divine Jealousy,
You have wounded my heart!...
You will be my rest and my happiness
All my life.

2nd Refrain

Deign to consume my whole being.
Jesus alone must live within me.
From now on I only want to be
The veil of my King!...

(Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face to her little Sister a thousand times loved.)



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc








Remembrance of
February 24, 1896






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datation: February 24, 1896

addressee: Céline (sr Geneviève) upon request