Poem 30








Written by Our Father St. John of the Cross and put into verse by the littlest of his daughters to celebrate the Profession of her dear Sister Marie of the Trinity and of the Holy Face.

Without support yet with support,
Living without Light, in darkness,
I am wholly being consumed by Love....
1 I have said an eternal goodbye
To the world (what extreme happiness)!
Lifted higher than myself,
I have no other Support than my God.
 And now I proclaim:
What I value near Him
Is to see and feel my soul
Supported without any support!....
2 Though I suffer without Light
In this life which lasts but a day,
At least on earth I possess
The Heavenly life of Love....
In the way I have to walk,
Lies more than one danger,
But for Love I am willing to live
In exile's Shadows.
3 Love, I have experienced it,
Knows how to use (what power!)
The good and the bad it finds in me.
It transforms my soul into itself.
This Fire burning in my soul
Penetrates my heart forever.
Thus in its delightful flame
I am being wholly consumed by Love!....

April 30, 1896. Thérèse of the Ch. Jesus, of the Holy Face rel. Carm. ind. [unworthy Carmelite religious]



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datation: April 30, 1896

addressee: Marie of the Trinity for her profession