PN 34


1 Jesus, my only Love, how I love to strew Flowers
Each evening at the foot of your Crucifix!...
In unpetalling the springtime rose for you,
I would like to dry your tears 
R. 1 Strewing Flowers is offering you as first fruits
My slightest sighs, my greatest sufferings.
My sorrows and my joys, my little sacrifices,
Those are my flowers!
2 Lord, my soul is in love with your beauty.
I want to squander my perfumes and my flowers on you.
In strewing them for you on the wings of the breeze,
I would like to inflame hearts!....
R.2 Strewing flowers, Jesus, is my weapon
When I want to fight to save sinners.
The victory is mine.... I always disarm you
With my flowers!!!...
3 The flower petals, caressing your Face,
Tell you that my heart is yours forever.
You understand the language of my unpetalled rose, And you smile at my love.
R.3 Strewing Flowers, repeating your praise,
That is my only delight in this valley of tears.
Soon I shall go to Heaven with the little angels
To strew Flowers!...

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


Strewing Flowers





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datation: June 28, 1896

addressee: Agnès de Jésus