PN 35









July 16, 1896

1 You who fulfill my hope,
O Mother, hear the humble song
Of love and gratitude
That comes from the heart of your child...
2 You have united me forever
With the works of a Missionary,
By the bonds of prayer,
Suffering, and love.
3 He will cross the earth
To preach the name of Jesus.
I will practice humble virtues
In the background and in mystery.
4 I crave suffering.
I love and desire the Cross....
To help save one soul,
I would die a thousand times!...
5 Ah! for the Conqueror of souls
I want to sacrifice myself in Carmel,
And through Him to spread the fire
That Jesus brought down from Heaven.
6 Through Him, what a ravishing mystery,
Even as far as East Szechuan
I shall be able to make loved
The virginal name of my tender Mother!...
7 In my deep solitude,
Mary... I want to win hearts.
Through your Apostle, I shall convert sinners
As far as the ends of the earth.
8 Through Him, the holy waters of Baptism
Will make of the tiny little newborn babe
The temple where God Himself
Deigns to dwell in his love.
9 I want to fill with little angels
The brilliant eternal abode...
Through Him, hosts of children
Will take flight to heaven!...
10 Through Him, I'll be able to gather
The palm for which my soul yearns.
Oh what hope! Dear Mother,
I shall be the sister of a Martyr!!!
11 After this life's exile,
On the evening of the glorious fight,
We shall enjoy the fruits of our apostolate
In our Homeland.
12 For Him, Victory's honor
Before the army of the Blessed.
For me... the reflection of His Glory
For all eternity in the Heavens!....

The little sister of a Missionary



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc






To Our Lady of Victories Queen of Virgins, Apostles, and Martyrs

et des Martyrs.



datation: July 16, 1896

addressee: Fr. Roulland