PN 36








1 My burning heart wants to give itself unceasingly.
It needs to prove its tenderness.
Ah! who will be able to understand my love?
What heart will want to pay me in return?
But I crave this return in vain.
Jesus, you alone can satisfy my soul.
Nothing can charm me here below.
True happiness cannot be found here
My only peace, my only happiness,
My only love is you, Lord!...
2 O you who knew how to create the mother's heart,
I find in you the tenderest of Fathers!
My only Love, Jesus, Eternal Word,
For me your heart is more than maternal.
At each moment, you follow me, you watch over me.
When I call you, ah! you never tarry.
And if sometimes you seem to hide yourself,
It's you who come to help me look for you.
3 It's to you alone, Jesus, that I'm attached.
It's into your arms that I run and hide.
I want to love you like a little child.
I want to fight like a brave warrior.
Like a child full of little attentions,
Lord, I want to overwhelm you with caresses,
And in the field of my apostolate,
Like a warrior I throw myself into the fight!....
4 Your heart that preserves and restores innocence
Won't betray my trust!
In you, Lord, rests my hope.
After this exile, I'll go to see you in Heaven....
When in my heart the storm arises,
To you, Jesus, I lift up my head.
In your merciful look,
I read: "Child, for you I made the Heavens."
5 I know well, my sighs and tears
Are before you, all radiant with charms.
The seraphim in Heaven form your court,
And yet you beg for my love!....
You want my heart, Jesus, I give it to you.
I surrender all my desires to you,
And those whom I love, O my Spouse, my King,
From now on I only want to love them for you.    

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


Jesus Alone




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datation: August 15, 1896

addressee: Marie Guérin (sr Marie de l'Eucharistie) upoon request