PN 38






J. M. J. T.

August 21, 1896

1 Jesus, hear my prayer.
 Grant my ardent desire.
Exile an angel on earth.
Give Jeanne a little baby!...
2 This little exiled one from Heaven
Is really making us wait
But, Lord, you make me understand
Your mysterious silence.
3 Yes, you tell me by your silence:
'Your sighs go right up to Heaven.
I have to force myself
Not to fulfill your desires.
4 "It's not an ordinary angel
I want to give your sister.
And I prefer to form
Her heart and soul in mystery.
5 "I Myself am adorning this soul.
I'm giving her the gift of my treasures.
But in return... ah, I require
From Jeanne perfect Abandonment...
6 "With exquisite tenderness
My hand is preparing her,
Since she is to give to my Church:
A Pontiff, a great Saint!"


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc





Confidential Message from Jesus to Thérèse




datation: August 21, 1896

addressee: Jeanne La Néele