PN 40

1 Here below our sweet office
Is to prepare for the altar
The bread and wine of the Sacrifice
Which brings "Heaven" to earth!
2 O supreme mystery, Heaven
Hides in humble bread,
For Heaven is Jesus Himself,
Coming to us each morning.
3 There are no queens on earth
Who are happier than we.
Our office is a prayer
Which unites us to our Spouse.
4 This world's greatest honors
Cannot compare
To the deep, celestial peace
Which Jesus lets us savor.
5 We bring a holy envy
For the work of our hands,
For the little white host
Which is to veil our divine Lamb.
6 But his love has chosen us.
He is our Spouse, our Friend.
We are also hosts
Which Jesus wants to change into Himself.
7 Sublime mission of the Priest,
You become our mission here below.
Transformed by the Divine Master,
It is He who guides our steps.
8 We must help the apostles
By our prayers, our love.
Their battlefields are ours.
For them we fight each day.
9 The hidden God of the tabernacle
Who also hides in our hearts,
O what a miracle! at our voice
Deigns to pardon sinners!
10 Our happiness and our glory
Is to work for Jesus.
His beautiful Heaven is the ciborium
We want to fill with souls!...



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


The Sacristans of Carmel




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datation: Nobember 1896

addressee: Marie-Philomène de Jésus, upon request