PN 41


J. M. J. T.                    

(To Sr. St. John of the Cross)

1 Divine Jesus, listen to my prayer.
By my love I want to make you rejoice.
You know well, I want to please you alone.
Deign to grant my most ardent desire.
I accept the trials of this sad exile
To delight you and to console your heart.
But change all my works into love,
O my Spouse, my Beloved Savior.
2 It's your love, Jesus, that I crave.
It's your love that has to transform me.
Put in my heart your consuming flame,
And I'll be able to bless you and love you.
Yes, I'll be able to love you and bless you
As they do in Heaven.
I'll love you with that very love
With which you have loved me, Jesus Eternal Word.
3 Divine Savior, at the end of my life
Come get me without the shadow of a delay.
Ah! show me your infinite tenderness
And the sweetness of your divine gaze.
With love, oh! may your voice call me,
Saying: Come, all is forgiven.
Come rest on my heart, my faithful spouse,
You have greatly loved me.


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc



How I Want to Love





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datation: end of 1896

addressee: Saint Jean de la Croix, upon request