PN 43


1 For those exiled on earth
God created birds.
They chirp away their prayers
On hill and vale.
2 Happy, flighty children,
Having chosen their favorite birds,
Imprison them in cages
With bars all of gold.
3 O Jesus! our little Brother,
For us you leave your beautiful Heaven,
But, Divine Child, you know well,
Your aviary is Carmel.
4 Our cage is not of gold,
And yet we love it dearly.
Never more will we fly
In the forests or azure plains.

5 Jesus, the groves of this world
Cannot satisfy us.
In deep solitude,
For you alone we want to sing.
6 Your little hand beckons to us.
Child, how beautiful your charms!
O Divine Jesus! your smile
Captivates little birds!
7 Here the simple, candid soul
Finds the object of its love.
Like the timid dove,
She no longer fears the vulture.
8 On the wings of prayer,
We see the fervent heart ascend
Like the nimble lark
That rises up so high as it sings.
9 Here we hear the chirping
Of the wren, of the merry finch.
O little Jesus! In their cage
Your birds warble your name.
10 The little bird sings all the time.
His life doesn't worry him.
One grain of seed makes him happy.
He never sows here below.
11 Like him in our aviary,
We receive everything from your hand.
The one thing necessary
Is to love you, Divine Child.
12 We also sing your praises,
United to the pure spirits of Heaven,
 And we know, all the angels
Love the birds of Carmel.
13 Jesus, to dry the tears
That sinners make you shed,
Your birds keep on singing your charms.
Their sweet songs win hearts for you.
14 One day far from this sad earth,
When they will hear your call,
All the birds in your aviary
Will take flight to Heaven.
15 With the charming choirs
Of merry little Cherubim,
O Divine Child, we will sing
Your praises in Heaven.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


The Aviary of the Child Jesus



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datation: Christmas 1896

addressee: the community.