PN 44




1 Happy little children, with what tenderness
The King of Heaven
Once blessed you and covered your joyous heads
With caresses!
You were the symbol of all Innocent Children,
And in you I glimpse
Blessings die King of kings gives you beyond all measure
In Heaven.
2 You have contemplated the immense riches
Of Paradise
Before having known our bitter sadness,
Dear little Lilies.
O fragrant Buds! Harvested just at dawn
By the Lord,
Love's sweet Sun knew how to make you blossom:
It was his Heart!...
3 What ineffable care, what exquisite tenderness,
And what love
Our Mother the Church joyfully lavishes on you,
One-day-old children!...
In her maternal arms, you were offered to God
As first fruits.
For all Eternity, you will be the delight
Of God's beautiful blue Heaven.
4 Children, you form the virginal procession
Of the Sweet Lamb,
And over and over you can sing a new song,
O astonishing privilege!
Without fighting you achieved the glory
Of conquerors;
The Savior won the victory for you,
Charming victors!
5 We see no precious stones sparkling
In your hair.
The mere golden reflection of your silken locks
Charms Heaven
The treasures of the Elect, their palms, their crowns,
All is yours.
Children, in the Holy Homeland your rich thrones
Are their laps...
6 Together you play with the little angels
Near the altar,
And your childish songs, gracious armies,
Charm Heaven.
God is teaching you how He makes roses,
Birds, the winds.
No genius here below knows as many things
As you, Children!...
7 Lifting all the mysterious veils,
From the azure firmament,
You take the stars of a thousand lights
In your little hands.
Running, you often leave a silver trail
At night.
When I gaze up in the sky at the white milky way,
I think I see you....
8 After all your feast days you run
Into the arms of Mary.
Hiding your blond heads under her starry veil,
You doze off.
Charming little Imps, your childish audacity
Pleases the Lord.
You dare to caress his Adorable Face
What a favor!...
9 It's you the Lord gives me as a model,
Holy Innocents.
I want to be your faithful likeness here below,
Little Children.
Ah! deign to obtain for me the virtues of childhood.
Your candor,
Your perfect surrender, your lovely innocence
Charm my heart.
10 O Lord! You know the ardent desires
Of my exiled soul.
Beautiful Lily of the valley, I'd like to harvest
Brilliant lilies.
These springtime Buds, I seek them and love them
For your pleasure.
Deign to pour on them the Dew of Baptism.
Come pluck them
11 Yes, I want to increase the candid army
Of Innocents.
My sufferings, my joys, I offer them in exchange
For Children's Souls.
Among these Innocents, I claim a place,
King of the Elect.
Like them, in Heaven I want to kiss your Sweet Face,
O my Jesus!

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc











To My Little Brothers in Heaven





See the music score n° 1 - Music score n° 2


datation: Décember 28, 1896

addressee: Thérèse