PN 46






J. M. J. T.

1 Glorious Guardian of my soul,
You who shine in God's beautiful Heaven
As a sweet and pure flame
Near the Eternal's throne,
You come down to earth for me,
And enlightening me with your splendor,
Fair Angel, you become my Brother,
My Friend, my Consoler!...
2 Knowing my great weakness,
You lead me by the hand,
And I see you tenderly
Remove the stone from my path.
Your sweet voice is always inviting me
To look only at Heaven.
The more you see me humble and little,
The more your face is radiant.
3 O you! who travel through space
More swiftly than lightning,
I beg you, fly in my place.
Close to those who are dear to me.
With your wing dry their tears.
Sing how good Jesus is.
Sing that suffering has its charms,
And softy, whisper my name....
4 During my short life I want
To save my fellow sinners.
O Fair Angel of the Homeland,
Give me holy fervor.
I have nothing but my sacrifices
And my austere poverty.
With your celestial delights,
Offer them to the Trinity.
5 For you the Kingdom and the Glory,
The Riches of the King of kings.
For me the ciborium's humble Host.
For me the Cross's treasure.
With the Cross, with the Host,
With your celestial aid,
In peace I await the other life,
The joys that will last forever.
To my dear Sister Marie-Philomena a remembrance of her little girl. Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the HI. F. rel. Carm. ind. [unworthy Carmelite religious]


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


To My Guardian Angel





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datation: January 1897

addressee: Marie-Philomène, upon request