PN 49



J. M. J. T.

(1st Couplet)

Dear Mother, from my tender youth
Your sweet picture has delighted my heart.
In your gaze I could read your tenderness,
And near you I found happiness.


Virgin Mary, after this exile I'll go
To the Celestial shore to see you forever,
But here below your sweet Picture
Is my Perpetual Help!....
(2nd Couplet)
 When I was a good girl and very obedient,
It seemed that you were smiling at me;
And if sometimes I was a little naughty,
I thought I could see you crying over me...
(3rd Couplet)
 In answering my simple prayers,
You showed me your maternal love.
In contemplating you I found on earth
A foretaste of the good things of Heaven.
(4th Couplet)
When I'm struggling, O my dear Mother,
You strengthen my heart in the fight,
For you know, at the evening of this life
I want to offer Priests to the Lord!...
(5th Couplet)
Always, always, Image of my Mother,
Yes, you will be my happiness, my treasure.
And at my last hour I would like
To fix my gaze on you again.
(Last Refrain)
Then flying away to the Celestial shore,
I'll go to sit on your lap, Mother,
Then I'll be able to receive
Your sweet kisses!...
Remembrance of a blessed retreat—March 1897
(Thérèse of the Child Jesus to her little Sister)



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc



To Our Lady of Perpetual Help



datation: March 1897

addressee: Marie de la Trinité, upon request