PN 50

1 When the Lord God of Hosts gave you the victory, You drove out the foreigner and had the king crowned. Joan, your name became renowned in history.
Our greatest conquerors paled before you.
2 But that was only a fleeting glory.
Your name needed a Saint's halo.
So the Beloved offered you his bitter cup,
And, like Him, you were spurned by men.
3 At the bottom of a black dungeon, laden with heavy chains,
The cruel foreigner filled you with grief.
Not one of your friends took part in your pain.
Not one came forward to wipe your tears.
4 Joan, in your dark prison you seem to me
More radiant, more beautiful than at your king's coronation.
This heavenly reflection of eternal glory,
Who then brought it upon you? It was betrayal.
5 Ah! If the God of love in this valley of tears
Had not come to seek betrayal and death,
Suffering would hold no attraction for us.
Now we love it, it is our treasure.



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc



To Joan of Arc




datation: May (?) 1897

addressee: Thérèse