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Feast of the Sacred Heart

 June 1, 1894 


Marie of the Sacred Heart



M  I know a very loving heart, a  soul

A  Gifted from Heaven with a sublime Faith.

R  Nothing here below can delight this ardent soul:

I  There is only Jesus whom she calls her King.

E  In short, this beautiful soul is great and generous,

D  Both sweet and lively, always humble of heart.

U  A far-off horizon... a bright star

S  Are often enough to unite her to the Lord.

A  I used to see her loving her independence,

C  Looking for pure joy and true freedom....

R  Spreading good deeds was her delight,

É  And forgetting herself, her only wish!....

C  It was the divine Heart that captivated this soul,

Œ The work of his love, worthy of the Creator.

U  One day I shall see her, like a pure flame,

R  Shining in Heaven close to the Sacred Heart.

                        The heart of a grateful child  



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


The Portrait of a Soul I Love




datation: June 1st, 1894

addressee: Marie du Sacré-Cœur