PN 7

1 From the first moments of my life,
You took me in your arms.
Ever since that day, dear Mother,
You've protected me here below.
To preserve my innocence,
You placed me in a soft nest.
You watched over my childhood
In the shade of a holy cloister.
2  Later, in the days of my youth,
I heard Jesus' call!...
In your ineffable tenderness,
You showed Carmel to me.
"Come, my child, be generous,"
You sweetly said to me.
"Near me, you'll be happy,
Come sacrifice yourself for your Savior."
3  Close to you, O my loving Mother!
I've found rest for my heart.
I want nothing more on earth.
Jesus alone is all my happiness.
If sometimes I feel sadness
And fear coming to assail me,
Always supporting me in my weakness,
Mother, you deign to bless me.
4  Grant that I may be faithful
To my divine Spouse Jesus.
One day may his sweet voice call me
To fly away among the elect.
Then, no more exile, no more suffering.
In Heaven I'll keep repeating
The song of my gratitude,
Lovable Queen of Carmel!


16 Juillet 1894



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc



Song of Gratitude to

Our Lady of Mount Carmel








datation: July 16, 1894

addressee: Marthe de Jésus