PN 8



August 1894

1  Remember that formerly on earth
Your only happiness used to be to love us dearly.
Grant your children's prayer.
Protect us, deign to bless us still.
Up there you have again found our dear Mother,
Who had gone before you to our Holy Homeland.
Now in Heaven
You both reign.
Watch over us!
2  Remember your beloved Marie,
Your eldest daughter, the dearest to your heart.
Remember that she filled your life
With her love, charm, and happiness...
For God you gave up her sweet presence,
And you blessed the hand that offered suffering to you...
O! your Diamond
Always more sparkling
3  Remember your fine bright pearl,
Whom you knew as a weak and timid lamb.
See her filled with divine strength
And leading Carmel's flock.
She has become the Mother of your other children.
O Papa! Come guide her who is so dear to you!...
And without leaving Heaven
Your little Carmel
4  Remember the ardent prayer
You made for your third child.
God granted it, for on earth she is
Like her sisters, a very brilliant beautiful Lily.
The Visitation hides her from the eyes of the world,
But she loves Jesus, she is flooded with his peace.
Her ardent desires
And all her sighs
5  Remember your dear Céline,
Who was like an angel from Heaven for you
When a glance from the Divine Face
Came to test you by a glorious choice
You reign in Heaven…her task is complete.
Now she gives her life to Jesus…
Protect your child
Who repeats so often
6  Remember your little queen,
Remember her uncertain steps.
It was always your hand that guided her.
O Papa! remember that in the days of her childhood
You wanted to keep her innocence for God alone!...
And her blonde hair
That delighted your eyes
7  Remember that in the belvedere
You always sat her on your lap,
And then whispering a prayer,
You rocked her with your sweet refrain.
She saw a reflection of Heaven on your face
When your profound look was immersed in space,
And you sang the beauty
Of Eternity
8 Remember the radiant Sunday
When you pressed her to your paternal heart.
You gave her a white little flower,
Allowing her to fly to Carmel.
O Papa! remember that in her great trials
You gave her proofs of the most sincere love.
In Rome and in Bayeux
You showed her Heaven
9  Remember that at the Vatican
The Holy Father's hand rested on your brow,
But you could not understand the mystery
Of the Divine seal imprinted on you
Now your children pray to you.
They bless your Cross and your bitter suffering!...
On your glorious brow
Nine Lilies in bloom
Shine in Heaven!!!...

      The Orphan of Bérésina



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc




Prayer of a Child of a Saint








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datation: August 1894

addressee: Thérèse