Prayer 12 from Therese of Lisieux

Consecration to the Holy Face



[r] Lord, hide us in the secret of your Face!...

Sr. C. Geneviève of St. Th.-Marie of the Holy Face

Sr. L. J. Marie of the Trinity and 5 of the Holy Face

Sr. Marie F. Th. of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face

For a little of this pure Love is more beneficial to the church than all these other works put together.... Thus it is 10 of the greatest importance that our souls be exercised much in Love so that being consumed quickly we do not linger long here on earth but soon attain to the vision of Jesus, Face to Face.

[v] Consecration to the Holy Face

O Adorable Face of Jesus! Since you have deigned to choose our souls to be intimately yours in order to give yourself to them, we come to consecrate them to you.... O Jesus, we seem to hear you say to us: "Open to me my sis­ters, my beloved brides, for my Face is covered with dew and my hair with the drops of the night." Our souls understand your language of love; we want to dry your gentle Face and to console you for the forgetfulness of the wicked. In their eyes you are still as one hidden; they look upon you as an object of contempt.

10 O Face more beautiful than the lilies and roses of springtime! You are not hidden from our eyes.... The Tears that veil your divine look seem to us like precious Diamonds which we want to collect to buy the souls of our brothers and sisters with their infinite value.

From your Adorable Mouth we have heard your loving complaint. 15 Since we know that the thirst which consumes you is a thirst for Love, we would wish to have an infinite Love to quench your thirst.... Beloved Bridegroom, of our souls, if we had the love of all hearts, all that love would be for you.... Well, give us this lave and come and quench your thirst in your

little brides

20 Souls, Lord, we need souls above all the souls of apostles and martyrs so that through them we might inflame all poor sinners with your Love. O Adorable Face, we shall gain this grace from you!.. Then, heedless of our exile on the banks of Babylon, we will sing for your Ears the sweetest melodies. Since you are the true, the only Homeland of our hearts, we will not sing our songs in an alien land.

O beloved Face of Jesus! As we await the everlasting day when we will contemplate your infinite Glory, our one de­sire is to charm your Divine Eyes by hiding our 30 faces too so that here on earth no one can recognize us... O Jesus! Your Veiled Gaze is our Heaven!...


Th. of the Child Jesus and of the Holy FaceM. of the Trinity and of the Holy FaceG. of St. Th. Marie of the Holy Face


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