Prayer 4 from Therese of Lisieux

Homage to the Most Blessed Trinity


[original manuscript lost]


O my God, behold us as we bow before You. We come to beseech You for the grace of working for Your glory.

The blasphemies of sinners have sounded painfully in our ears. We wish to console You and to repair for the insults that souls redeemed by you make you 5 suffer. O adorable Trinity! we want to form a concert of all the little sacrifices we will make for Your love. For fifteen days, we will offer You the song of the little birds of Heaven who unceasingly praise you and reproach men and women for their ingrati­tude. 10 We will offer you also, O my God! the melody of mu­sical instruments and we hope that our souls may merit to be a melodious lyre You can play to console Yourself for the indifference of so many souls who do not think of You. Likewise, for eight days we want to collect diamonds and 5 precious stones to repair for the eagerness of poor mor­tals who pursue passing riches without dreaming of those of eternity. O my God! grant us the grace to be more vigilant in seeking sacrifices than those who do not love you are in their pursuit of worldly goods.

20 Finally, for eight days your children will gather the fragrance of flowers. By doing this they wish to make amends for all that priestly and religious souls make you suffer by their offenses. O blessed Trinity, grant us to be faithful and give us the grace to possess you after the exile of this life...

25 Amen


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