Prayer 5 from Therese of Lisieux


  Mystical Flowers


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Madeleine! My Beloved Bride! I am all yours and you are all mine forever.
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lr Mystical Flowers for my Bridal Bouquet.

A voice is heard: "See the Bridegroom comes. Go out to meet Him...."(Gospel).

 Pri05 1r
2r White Roses.
O Jesus! purify my soul that it may become worthy to be your bride!
 Pri05 2r
2v Daisies.
O Jesus! grant me the grace in all I do to please You alone.
 Pri05 2v
3r White Violets.
Jesus, gentle and humble of Heart, make my heart like yours!...
 Pri05 3r
3v Lilies of the Valley.
Saint Teresa, my Mother, teach me to save souls so that I may become a true Carmelite.
 Pri05 3v
4r Wild Roses.
O Jesus! it is you alone I serve when I serve my Mothers and Sisters.
 Pri05 4r
4v Tea Roses.
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, grant me the grace to make a good retreat and prepare my soul for the beautiful day of my profession.
 Pri05 4v
5r White Bellflowers.
O Saint Mary Magdalene! obtain for me the grace that my life may be one act of love.
 Pri05 5r
5v Honeysuckle.
O Jesus! teach me to deny myself always to please my sisters.
 Pri05 5v
6r White Periwinkles.
My God, I love you with all my heart.
 Pri05 6r
6v White Peonies.
O my God, look at the Face of Jesus and count all sinners among the elect.
 Pri05 6v
7r Jasmine.
O Jesus, I want to have joy only in You alone!...
 Pri05 7r
7v White Forget-me-nots.
O my Holy Guardian Angel! cover me always with your wings so that I may never have the misfortune to offend Jesus.
 Pri05 7v
8r Meadowsweet.
O Mary, my dear Mother, grant me the grace never to stain
the robe of innocence that you will give me
on the day of my profession.
 Pri05 8r
8v White Verbena.
My God, I believe in you, I hope in you, I love you with all my heart.
 Pri05 8v
9r White Iris.
My God, I thank you for all the graces you have given me during my retreat.
 Pri05 9r
9v The Great Day Has Arrived. Lilies.
My Beloved Jesus, you are now all mine and I am your little Bride forever! ! !
 Pri05 9v

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