Prayer 8 from Therese of Lisieux

[Prayer for abbé Bellière ]



O my Jesus! I thank you for having fulfilled one of my greatest desires, that of having a brother, a priest, an apostle...

I feel very unworthy of this favor. And 5 vet, since you grant your little spouse the grace of working specially for the sanctification of a soul destined for the priesthood, 1 offer you joyfully all the prayers and 10 sacrifices at my dis­posal. I ask you, o my God: not to look at what 1 am but what I should be and want to be, a religious wholly inflamed with your love.

15 You know, Lord, that my only ambition is to make you known and loved. Now my desire will be realized. I can only pray and suffer, but the soul to whom you unite me by the sweet bonds of [lv] 20 charity will go and fight in the plain to win hearts for you, while on the mountain of Carmel I will pray that you give him victory.

Divine Jesus, hear the prayer I offer you 25 for him who wants to be your Missionary. Keep him safe amid the dan­gers of the world. Make him feel increasingly the nothing­ness and vanity of passing things and the happiness of be­ing able to despise them for your love. 30 May he carry out his sublime apostolate on those around him. May he be an apostle worthy of your Sacred Heart....

O Mary! gentle Queen of Carmel, it is to you that I entrust the soul of the future 35 priest whose unworthy little sister I am. Teach him even now how lovingly you handled

the Divine Child Jesus and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, so that one day he may go up to the Holy Altar and carry in his hands 40 the King of Heaven.

I ask you also to keep him safe beneath the shadow of your virginal mantle until [2r] the happy day when he leaves this valley of tears and can contemplate your splen­dor 45 and enjoy for all eternity the fruits of his glorious apostolate....

Thérèse of the Child Jesus unworthy Carmelite religious


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