PS 1



1 O God hidden under the guise of childhood,
I see in you the monarch of Heaven.
I recognize your grandeur and power
From the soft brightness shining in your eyes.
If you wished, a thousand legions of angels
Would come at your call to form your court.
Sprinkling your humble swaddling clothes with golden stars,
They would sing of your ineffable love.
R. 1
I see on the foreign shore
My God, my Savior, and my Brother,
Who cannot yet speak,
Who has neither scepter or treasure.
Adoring this deep mystery,
Divine King, I offer you my gold.
2 O King of Heaven, you come on this earth
Wanting to save the human race, your brother.
For your love, Oh! I would like to suffer!
Since you want to die one day for me,
I offer you the symbol of your sorrows.
Seeing your bloody halo shine,
Ah! I would like to win every heart for you,
Divine Jesus, to dry your tears.
Receive myrrh, O King of Heaven,
Since you want to be a mortal man.








© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc





O Hidden God











datation: January 6, 1896 ou 1897

addressee: the community