Endless thanks to the team of "Com1espoir" from ComAndCie and to the two main architects of this site.WEB-team

First of all to the designer, who immediately understood that this is an archives site; how to present the different corpus so that they would be accessible and easily understood. A great accomplishment!

And with that, thousands of creative ideas, notably with the correspondence: who writes to whom and when. Text searching of the holy cards kept by Thérèse and in the photo galleries. It had to be thought of and then put in action.

With a constant baseline: that it be beautiful and to create a visually attractive page if possible.

Then the information technologist, 20 years old, who is now unbeatable on Thérèse and anything about her. Admirable for having taken unlimited data (the correspondence), for having meticulously centered the originals, for having taken on the directory without hesitation etc. All of that with good humor and generous doses of chocolate.


A very special thanks to Marie-Béatrice Deledalle for the enormous work of the correspondence, before and after 1897, and the fastidious digitization of books contemporaneous with Thérèse and all our glass plates. Hours by the thousands.

Another thanks to a very gifted photographer, the Padre Carlos Alberto Leondaza, a Carmelite priest who loves Thérèse, to whom we owe the better part of the photos of items seen on this site. And grattitude to volunteer translators: Mariá Flor Sáez Fernández, Pedro Penna and anonymous ones.

Other thanks to Maureen O’Riordan of, who knows how to track down errors and misprints. 

Let us not forget our benevolent reviewer with sharp eyes, Susan Ehlert, responsible for so many superb suggestions in numerous articles, in English and French as well. And with her vast knowledge of the Theresian universe, she is currently translating almost everything, apart from the correspondence.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to Todd Allen, who understood from within what the archives of Therese are, and became an extraordinary supporter over the years


And what gratitude for our collaborators:

Bishop Guy Gaucher o.c.d. Auxiliary emeritus Bishop of Bayeux and Lisieux. Member of the editorial team of the Nouvelles Editions du Centenaire des oeuvres complètes de sainte Thérèse de Lisieux, (New Centenary Edition of the complete works of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux) (Cerb-DDB, 1992), in eight volumes whose first edition (Edition du Centenaire) was crowned by the Académie Française in 1998 (Cardinal Grente Award).

Claude Langlois. Historian, professor of Universities, director emeritus of the École pratique des hautes Études (post-graduate studies). Author of numerous studies of Thérèse’s texts.

Antoinette Guise-Castelnuovo. Former student of the École normale supérieure de Fontenay. Associate diploma in History, she wrote a doctoral thesis in 2006 on “Thérèse de Lisieux et ses miracles” (Thérèse of Lisieux and her miracles) at the École pratique des hautes Études. Her current research focuses on Lourdes and the medical world.

Dr. Marie-Dominique Fouqueray, psychiatrist.

Dr. Fran Renda, psychoanalyst.

Marie Béatrice de Cérou, jurist. 


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