Pious Recreation n° 1, 01r



The mission of Joan of Arc


 the shepherdess of Domremy listening to her voices




Joan of Arc — Saint Michael the Archangel — Saint Catherine — Saint Margaret — Catherine of Arc, Joan's sister — Germaine, a young shepherdess of Domremy



[Scène 1]



Alone in the pasture, Joan watches over her flock and sings as she weaves a garland of flowers. — Her small spindle and her shepherd's staff lie beside her.


10 Music: «C'est moi que l'on appelle la blonde Iétala».




I, Joan the shepherdess,

Cherish my flock.

My staff is light

And I love my spindle.




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RP1 01v



I love the solitude
Of this pretty grove.
I have the sweet habit
Of coming here in secret.


There I weave a crown
From wild flowers;
I give it to Mary,
With my sweetest songs.
I behold nature —
The flowers and birds.
 I contemplate the waters
Of the murmuring brook.


The valleys and fields
Give joy to my eyes;
The mountain tops
Draw me nearer to Heaven!
Often strange voices
Come visit me here.
This must be how
The angels would speak!


I stare into space
And I contemplate the heavens.






RP1 02r

I see no trace
Of mysterious beings.


Over the clouds
That must hide them from me,
To that Heavenly shore,
I cannot reach!

[Scene 2] 

Once Joan has finished singing, Catherine softly approaches her. Joan seems astonished to see her.


Catherine, my little sister, what are you doing here? Why aren't you watching your flock?


My flock's already back in the fold. Have you forgotten that today's a feastday, Joan?... Our friends are waiting for us to dance around the big tree with them.


My garland of flowers is finished, and I haven't forgotten the feastday. But it's still too early to bring in my little lambs. I'll meet you in an hour under the big tree.



RP1 02v

CATHERINE, timidly.

Joan, I have a great favor to ask of you, and I beg you, don't be cross with me... Just now, I heard you singing, from over there behind those trees... You said that the angels came to speak to you

JOAN, with deep emotion.

Oh, you heard me!.... O Catherine! please don't ever repeat what you heard. And ask me no questions, because I cannot answer you.

CATHERINE, sitting down by Joan and embracing her.

Joan, I'm your little sister. Don't keep your secret from me, I promise I'll never tell it.


Ah, well, Catherine I'll tell my secret, but only to you. You love me and I know you will not tell a soul. The truth is, since I was thirteen, I have been hearing unknown voices very often; they are beautiful and melodious voices... Sweet as it is, the nightingale's song is nothing compared to them....


O Joan, they must truly be angels!


RP1 03r

 You are so good that I'm not surprised if God and Our Lady have showered you with their blessings.


But I don't know if these voices are those of angels — I have never seen any of them. And I'm not as good as you think I am. One of the things my voices say is that I must be good. And they promise me that Our Lord will always watch over me, if I keep my heart for Him alone.


Joan, what does it mean, to keep your heart for God alone? Must you love only Him?... How difficult that would be....

Why, I love you more than words can say. Do you think that the tenderness I feel for you displeases God?...


No, my little Catherine, I don't believe that at all. I, too, love you very dearly, and God smiles on our love. But to keep one's heart for Him alone means to take Jesus for one's Spouse For a long time now, my voices have told me to consecrate my virginity to Our Lord, with the help


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