RP1 02v

CATHERINE, timidly.

Joan, I have a great favor to ask of you, and I beg you, don't be cross with me... Just now, I heard you singing, from over there behind those trees... You said that the angels came to speak to you

JOAN, with deep emotion.

Oh, you heard me!.... O Catherine! please don't ever repeat what you heard. And ask me no questions, because I cannot answer you.

CATHERINE, sitting down by Joan and embracing her.

Joan, I'm your little sister. Don't keep your secret from me, I promise I'll never tell it.


Ah, well, Catherine I'll tell my secret, but only to you. You love me and I know you will not tell a soul. The truth is, since I was thirteen, I have been hearing unknown voices very often; they are beautiful and melodious voices... Sweet as it is, the nightingale's song is nothing compared to them....


O Joan, they must truly be angels!