RP1 03v

 of Our Lady. O Catherine, if you only knew the loving tenderness Jesus shows those souls whom He chooses as His spouses!...

CATHERINE, getting up.

1 want to consecrate myself to Jesus, too!... Quick, Joan, bring me to Our Lady's altar, I want to be like you, to be good like you.

JOAN, smiling.

My little sister, you are too young still, you must wait and pray to Our Lord that someday He will give you the grace to give yourself to Him. I, too, will ask this of Him for you. Now, be always good and obedient, for that is the way to attract God's favor.

[Scene 3]

GERMAINE enters, adorned with flowers.

What are you doing? The feast begins in half an hour and Joan is not dressed for it yet (She picks up the garland which Joan has woven. ) Your garland is very beautiful — but surely you mean it for Our Lady's chapel.
I've never seen you weave a single crown of flowers for yourself... Catherine, at least, loves to adorn herself.


It's true that all my flowers



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