RP1 04r


are for Mary, but that doesn't mean I won't take part in the feast. It won't take me long to get ready, I'll be there almost as soon as you are. Go on, Germaine, take Catherine with you, and I'll join you in a moment.


Just don't miss it, Joan; without you, it wouldn't be a feast at all.


 I don't want to go without you, I'll wait for you.


Now, do as I say, Catherine. You know what we agreed... I need a few minutes to myself.


Why is it you want to be alone so often?... Don't you miss hearing all the latest gossip?... As for me, I've learned some very interesting things... Do you know what's been going on at Orleans?...


No, I don't know a thing about it. My older brothers Jacques and Jean have both gone off with the army and I pray for them every day. But



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