RP1 04v

 I don't want to know what's going on at Orleans or anywhere else.

GERMAINE, astonished.

But, Joan, have you no love for France?...


Of course, I do, but I'm just a little shepherdess, and I know it does our country more good for me to live a humble, hidden life than to go searching after knowledge of things which don't concern me.

CATHERINE, getting up.

All right, Joan, since you want me to leave, I'm off to the feast. If Germaine were to start to tell you everything she knows, we'd still be here when the feast was over. And I definitely don't want to miss it, it's going to be so beautiful.

Germaine and Catherine hug Joan and leave for the feast.

[Scene 4]


It's already getting late, and still I haven't heard my voices today... Well, I must go to the feast, anyway. (She kneels down.) Our Lady, watch over me, I am your little servant.



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