RP1 05r

 Give me the grace to do only what is pleasing to you.

SAINT MICHAEL unseen, sings to the tune of "Partez, hérauts"["Go, Heralds"].
The day of victory will come
To save the kingdom of the French.
But to God alone belongs all glory.
He will arm a child to show this.
And this child, this young warrior
Does not descend from a rich and valiant king.
She is only a simple shepherdess.
But God calls Himself Almighty.
He wants to give the timid virgin
A heart of fire, a soldier's soul.
Then He will crown her pure and honest head
With lilies and with laurels.
JOAN, frightened.
O my God! I do not understand! The voice I heard was usually so sweet It can't be to me that this voice today is speaking. But then, who is this child who must do such great things? Maybe I'm the one who's to make known to her [i.e., France] God's will.... But she'll never believe me! O Most Holy Virgin Mary, and you my dear Guardian Angel, deign to make it clear to me and tell me what I must do!

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