RP1 06r

Thence you will learn that to suffer has charms of its own
And you will rejoice with harmonious songs.
These melodies will fortify your soul
For the battle which is soon to come.
You'll need a love made all of flame,
For you will have to suffer!...
For pure souls, exiled here on earth,
The only glory is to bear the cross.
One day, in heaven, this austere scepter
Will far outshine the scepter of a king.

SAINT MICHAEL, still invisible.

Why speak of tears and suffering?
 Better to sing of glorious battles.
Sing, sing of the beauty of France
And the heroine whose arms shall be victorious!
Soon the God of battle shall lead Joan
From triumph on to triumph.
Across the battle lines she will be seen
Leading great generals.
But never will the great-souled virgin
Seek courtly honors for herself.
Her heart will remain pure, her faith great and sublime,
Until her final day.
Throughout these chants, Joan has lifted her head up, trying to see the invisible beings who are speaking to her. Then she stands as if in ecstasy.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc