RP1 06v

Saint Michael's voice frightens her and she begins to cry again. When he has finished singing, she speaks.


Who are you to speak to me this way? Oh! I beg you, show yourself to me. If your voice is so beautiful and so frightening, how beautiful your face must be!...

[Scene 5]

Saint Michael appears, suspended in the midst of a luminous cloud. Joan seems very frightened at the sight of him.


I am Michael, the guardian of France, 
Great general of the kingdom of Heaven.
Unto Hell itself I exert my power
And the demon is totally envious of this.
Once he also shone with light
But Satan wanted to rule the Holy Place.
 I hurled into the midst of thunder
These words: "Who is like God?..."
And at that moment Divine vengeance
Dug open the abyss, and Lucifer plunged into it.
For there is no mercy for that proud angel
He deserved Hell!...
Yes, it was pride that cast this angel down
And turned Lucifer into a reprobate.
 Later, Man also crawled in the mud
 But God has healed that human pride.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc