RP1 07r

It is the Eternal One, the Word equal to the Father,
Who by taking on this poor humanity
Made His work whole again.
By His deep humility
This same God deigns to save France
But not with a great commander.
He disdains pride and prefers
The weak arm of a child!....
Joan, it is you whom Heaven has chosen.
You must go off to answer His call.
You must leave your lambs, your pasturelands,
This pleasant valley, the fields and the woods.
Put on your armor!.... Rush to save France!
Go, and fear nothing, not even danger.
God will know to crown your valor,
And you will chase the foreigners away....
JOAN, trembling.
Can it be God has destined me for such great things? But, I feel none of the courage of which you speak.... I am only a weak and timid child.... Alas! must I leave this countryside where all my childhood has flowed by so gently?...


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc